What Is The Return of Interest on your Website?

It is a good thing if your website looks great. Visitors are always looking for beautiful websites online, but this doesn’t mean that a beautiful website will increase your Return of Internet (ROI).

For instance, suppose you provide plumbing services in your local area and you spent £2,500 on your website. It is loaded and has everything you could possibly think of and it looks beautiful. Great right? Not if you are listed on page five of a Google search for keywords related to your services. Even if people do stumble across your site, there is no clear action path orfunnel and is confusing for the visitor. The visitors don’t convert into customers resulting in a low ROI.

The most important thing you need to focus on first is the ROI of the money you spend on marketing. Therefore, if you spend £2,500 on your website, it will need to start making more than £2,500 before it becomes profitable. Let’s take a new approach to this issue. There are a couple of things that you have to focus on:

1.       Is your website showing up on the top of the search engines for relevant keyword searches?

2.       Do your visitors know exactly what steps to take to order your services?

Let’s focus on point #2 a bit first. What exactly should a visitor do when they come to your site? The KPI (Key Performance Indicator) will provide the answer. You have to define what success is for you before you launch any new website. Is there a way to determine if the user had a successful visit to your website?

Using the plumber as an example, a successful visit could be if the visitor contacted the plumber via phone or email. The website has performed successfully once the visitor makes contact, which creates a new lead for the plumber.

Was that lead dependent on beautiful website design? Perhaps, however, the website also has to be functional. There has to be enough info for the user to want to make contact with the plumber. The plumber has to establish trust quickly and make their contact details easy to find and use.

Of course, great design needs to have an impact. It solves a problem and doesn’t mean it has to be ‘sexy’ or ‘beautiful’. User experience and great design should complement each other. Your website is a tool that should be used to work on your behalf and if it isn’t you need to figure out why it isn’t working as it should.

All the best with your new website and always keep its ROI in mind. Don’t fall for web designers offering you new shiny tools and designs. Don’t be afraid to ask them why they are doing certain designs. Does it increase your ROI? Does it make it easier for the visitor to contact you? The design of the website should meet all the KPI you have outlined.

When you are putting your website together, you have to consider what type of ROI you want to achieve. An experienced website designer will take this along with other important elements into account and this is what Clow Creative can do for you. Clow creative can help with your website get the highest possible ROI along with the design of banners, adverts, brochures, etc. Please go to http://www.clowcreative.com or email russ@clowcreative.com to learn more.

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