Website Designers – The Tricks Of Their Trade

In order to produce high-quality websites for their clients, a website designer needs a number of skills and techniques including knowledge of software. The first inquiry, design meeting is where communication between the designer and client is critical as this is the starting point for the designer. An experienced website designer knows how to use colour and shape, the most important elements in art and design to create a website that reflects your company ideals. The following is a brief outline of various techniques that are employed in website design and what types of colour and shape will go well with the image of your company.

How Website Designers Use Colour

Certain colours have been proven to have a psychological impact on humans, where certain emotions and impressions are linked to colours. This is effectively used in website design UK when trying to uncover the best colours for client's websites along with their branding. If your company is a leader in its sector and you want to gain the competitive edge, then consider using colours like black and red. In the right setting, black represents elegance, sophistication and in some cases mystery. Website designers use red because it is a striking and strong colour that implies dynamism, passion and energy. For creative or alternative kinds of businesses, purple is a good choice as it represents magic and creativity. It is also associated with riches and wealth. Blue is a good colour for those who teach meditation or yoga or business in the self-help sector. This colour represents reflection and tranquility and can be used to create a soothing background in marketing material. If you want to portray warmth, excitement and optimism, then use orange and yellow. These few examples show how important a simple colour scheme will reflect how customers view your company's website. We are constantly making associations with colours, even if you are not aware of it, so the best website designers will take colour into account when building your website.

Great Website Designers Create Websites Of All Shapes And Sizes 

Similar to colours, shapes play an important role in how we perceive and make assumptions about the things we see around us. This is essential to visual marketing. Great website designers are aware that disorganized, cluttered images on a website will turn off visitors and they plan the website accordingly. For instance, if your company focuses on co-operation and uses synergy when working with other companies, the designer will probably use softer shapes when producing your website. Circles or other circular objects like bubbles or a sun could be used and will subtly portray co-operation and friendliness. On the other hand, sharper shapes like triangles could be used to indicate competitiveness and producing outstanding results in their respective fields. Your online website designer might suggest these shapes to you if you are an independent retail outlet or a law firm. Ultimately, close collaboration with the designer will produce the shapes that are the best representation of your company. A website is often the first interaction visitors have with your company and it will be remembered by them whenever they think of your company. Clow Creative will help you create the perfect company website that is succinct and says positive things about your company and Clow Creative will apply years of experience to achieve this.

Clow Creative - The Website Designer With All The Latest Tools

In order to produce outstanding results, a website designer has to apply their experience and knowledge and this is exactly what you will get at. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a client excited about a website created by Clow Creative. With the use of colour, shapes and font sizes, all artistic tools are used to produce an amazing website. Let Clow Creative help to revamp your company's brand. Learn more by visiting our website at or by sending an email to

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