Top Website Designers – Reveal Their Closest Held Secrets

Top website designers are experts in their field and are very good at what they do: creating iconic brands and unique websites that are instantly recognisable. What's their secret? How do they really do it? Is there really a way your business can get professional website design services at a reasonable price?

The answer is yes, but finding a good website designer is like walking in a minefield. Where do you go to uncover great website designers? Before we answer that, there are some things you should definitely avoid like using low cost "fast food" website designers. These individuals or companies make big promises like offering 2-day turnaround times at very low prices. There are some freelancers who try to make quality websites, but the vast majority of them use templates or outright plagiarise from their previous customers. And the final product is anything but unique. By contrast, great website designers always aim to create a website that is original and memorable. That way you will stand apart from your competition. So what's the secret of top designers? Excellent communication with their clients. Good designers aim to understand want makes your business tick before they start any design work. Why should customers buy from you and not your competition? Is your website appealing to your demographics and target market? There is no way that this can be done by someone producing a complete website in only 2 days. Keep in mind that your website is usually the first point of contact for your potential customers. A bad website might even be worse than not having a website at all. 

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