How to score 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights

Would you like to get 100% on Google PageSpeed Insights? I’m sure anyone with a production website would, but it is almost impossible to achieve. Numerous factors go into the speed of your site and that is why achieving the ultimate perfect score is virtually impossible. However, it is worth a try. The secret tips I provide below will boost your score to the 80% - 90% rand and as a result, your SEO score will improve dramatically.

Is Google PageSpeed Insights Important? If So, Why?

PageSpeed Insights was developed by Google as a way to help increase the load speed of websites. Faster websites provide a better experience for the user. No one likes a slow loading website. The best part is that Google offers rewards for fast loading sites, such as higher rankings on their search engine. PageSpeed Insights considers several factors such as the number of images on the page, the number of scripts, the response time of your server, etc.

There are many other tools online that you could use to see how fast your site loads. I suggest using a few of them and analyse the results. You will get a better overall view of how your website is functioning. The most important thing is that your website loads quickly and that you don’t turn away potential customers.

In the coming weeks, I’ll spill the secrets that worked for me in getting my website to load faster and giving my visitors that great user experience. Selecting the proper host is the priority and will the focus of our next post. If your servers aren’t fast, don’t expect your site to be fast either. What you should be looking for is dedicated hosting instead of shared hosting and I’ll go into more details on this topic. I know you don’t always have control of this part, however, it is a critical first step for getting a website that loads quickly.

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In the next post, we’ll focus on Hosting and Compression. See you then.

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