How to keep your wordpress website maintained

My services do not only cover website design, I also offer Wordpress Maintenance Support. I provide maintenance services to clients, especially those with a brand new website. You could have the best designed website ever, once it is complete there are inevitable maintenance issues that arise and this is where my Wordpress Maintenance Support are invaluable to clients. Having your website go live is only the first step in a very long process.

Iterative design is crucial for website maintenance and this is part of the service I provide to my clients. When the website is live, it has to be analysed to make sure it is functioning at its optimal level. For instance, suppose users find a part of your website confusing for any reason, that part of the website has to be updated. I will analyse, redesign and relaunch the website until the problem is fixed.

Why should you hire me as a consultant to maintain your website? Here are 5 reasons.

1) Your Website Is Constantly Evolving

When your new website is up and running, that's just the beginning of an ongoing process of upgrades and improvements. The best time to sign a client for a maintenance contract is when that website is brand new. I always begin by examining the performance of the website and if there are areas to be improved, I use iterative design to solve the issue.

2) Keep Your Website Secure

Any website is vulnerable to hackers, including your new WordPress website, so don't believe anyone who says otherwise. Your web designer should ensure the best possible security for your WordPress site by applying the best hardening practices, outlined below:

  • Accurately establishing the .htaccess using the latest hardening strategy
  • Updating your Wordpress version, plugins and theme regularly
  • Setting up a firewall to protect against malicious attacks.
  • Monitoring your website for unusual activity

Included in my maintenance package is access to WordFence. This service protects millions of WordPress websites daily from online assaults. I limit the damage that a hacker might be able to do to your site by ensuring your site along with its plugins are the most up to date.

3) Back Up Your Website Regularly

Also included in my maintenance package is backup’s of client files and database. I use a  backup system in case there are any problems with the website. This tool allows me to recover lost or damaged info instantly, which minimises any harmful outcomes for your business or your brand.

4) Monitoring Your Website

When your website is live, you have to monitor it for any downtime, which could result in bad user experiences and potential loss of business. Your website will be scanned every 5 minutes to ensure that it is online. Should it be offline for any reason at all, I get an instant notification. This allows me to take quick action and get your site back up and running.

5) Don’t Simply Take Your Website And Disappear

Maintaining a relationship with my clients is just as important as maintaining their website. For a discount on my normal rate, I take care of the important little things that are required for running a profitable website that my clients don't have the time to take care of daily. Your website designer should ensure that your website is always performing at an optimum level and if it isn't, they should be available to take quick action. This keeps your business growing and profitable. You might not be getting the most out of your website if you simply take your website and disappear once the design is complete.

6) Allow Me To Maintain Your WordPress Website

These are only a few reasons why it is important to have a maintenance contract to keep your WordPress website running smoothly. If you want to learn more or get an estimate for the maintenance of your website please contact me.

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