How to Hire A Great Freelance Web Designer

Finding a high-quality website designer to develop your website, but unaware with regards to the distinction between CSS and CSI? You might be unqualified about the other important factors that are needed for good web design. 

The following guidelines will help you understand the difference. By addressing a few typical design and front-end development factors, these 5 topics will help you understand the essential factors to consider when you start your search for the suitable freelance designer.


Not much explanation is required here. Great communication is vital in all aspects of your business, particularly with regards to pinpointing a UX design that satisfies your business objectives adequately. Lots of people, however, tend to overlook this when selecting a web designer, which unfortunately could result in problems down the road. 

Therefore, if you happen to be looking for a freelance web designer by yourself, give them a call prior to making a final decision. 

Of course, it sounds fairly conservative, and resources such as email and gChat are wonderful, however, you need to ensure this is someone you can actually have a dialogue with, and that they will pay attention to your worries as you go along and will follow through with questions of their own relating to the specifics of the project.

When the web designer spends the entire discussion talking over your head, using complicated technical lingo, this situation most likely won’t change and will have a negative impact on you in the future. A great designer should be totally focused on you, the customer, together with your business and its requirements, and is going to consider in early stages exactly how those issues can be resolved. 

If you use a freelancing website to locate your designer, select one that screens for communication abilities along with technical design capabilities. Since these websites supply developers worldwide, occasionally something as crucial as verbal communication might interrupt your project. 

Your best option is to take advantage of a service such as the just introduced Toptal Designers, which monitors every candidate for verbal communication and personality from the start (before doing more serious design checks down the road). By doing this, you get familiar with the designer you are paired to and you know they will definitely have the communication skills you want.


Now let's turn our attention to coding languages. Most of the time, it appears like web designers are talking a language of their own -- and this is definitely true for a lot of designers who likewise have some front-end programming expertise. 

Designers usually announce their web design expertise by promoting their knowledge about widely used front-end programming languages. Different languages are utilized for different products, and understanding the fundamentals here can help you choose the best freelancer for your task. For web designers, the important programming languages to be familiar with are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

Web design

The perfect spot to begin searching for what you need in your business website is -- get ready for it -- the internet. When you are exploring, jot down other websites that appeal to you, in order to present them to your website designer. Don’t just locate a website you prefer and direct your designer to create a duplicate for you; alternatively, discuss a selection of the particular characteristics of the website that appeals to you. 

Additionally, you should definitely take a look at the websites of other companies in your sector. Exactly what is effective and what isn't on these websites? Last but not least, keep in mind that although you are looking for a website which is aesthetically satisfying, getting a pleasant design is not the only intent behind your website. 

You must have the ability to sell your goods and services. Put simply, you don't want visitors to check out your website, notice how awesome it is and go away; you want your website to encourage users to understand that they have to have what it is you are selling.


User friendliness should always be considered when building and designing your website. Is it really simple to navigate between the various webpages? Is the site's layout user-friendly? Is it simple to locate your contact details? Are users able to browse without the need to scroll a lot? Note: Don't ever have your visitors scroll horizontally. Now, going a bit deeper is the website developed on a functionally dependable CMS, like WordPress? These are critical points to discover prior to seeking a web designer. 

Once you ultimately choose one, the overall performance of past websites they built is equally as important as its appearance. Be sure to get a portfolio and go through it on the internet if possible. Check if this person's past websites are currently being employed by previous customers and if they are not, make an effort to get in touch with the owner and find out why they have switched. Is the designer able to convey the story of the website design? 

What issues did it resolve? How was the solution different? You should avoid a designer who customarily develops websites that are difficult to use or uses technology that is not up to date. 


Regrettably, there isn't a typical price for the development of your website. Lots of software cost valuation methods can be found, however, an array of factors has an effect on prices, such as the expertise the designer, their location, the length of time your project is going to take and the particular functions you need. You might even need to pay to pull in any extra freelancers or subcontractors required to finish off the project. 

Many articles will advise you to refrain from spending too much or too little (you are aware of that!), but how can you figure out what that means?

Once you figure out the budget for your website, be sure you look at it as a business investment. A terrific website is an important marketing resource which is accessible to respond to users’ inquiries 24/7 without you needing to pay overtime. As a result, do not think about the money you invest as just a cost. 

Having said that, you rarely have to invest six figures in your business website. 

Figure out the amount of money you need to put aside for the growth and development of your website, and be practical about your objectives. Talk to a number of designers to outline your project and acquire an average estimate. If you think that designers are far too pricey for your budget, take a look at freelancing websites. You will discover many articles on the internet that record the best freelancing online websites, therefore examine these alternatives and get the one that is within your budget.


Looking for an amazing freelance web designer seems like a major endeavor, particularly if you are not familiar with the expectations and jargon of the technology or design sectors, however, this really should not be a reason to be concerned. Individuals with various levels of technological knowledge employ freelance web designers every day, and there are many resources available to enable you to understand the process. 

The key thing is to do your homework, which begins with knowing what a comprehensive research process needs to be.

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