2020 Web design trends

With a new year upon us, it’s worth looking ahead at the website design trends expected to become more prominent in 2020.

The main focus this year is looking likely to be bright colours, dynamic content and visual effects - subtle but effective animations.

Website Design will be appealing to look at, and optimised for performance.

This type of design is hard to achieve, but produces great results.  The focus is not just on acquiring visitors to your site, but also focusing on User Experience, ensuring that your website is not confusing or frustrating to use.  Good visibility will increase the amount of visitors to the site.

Simple website ordering process

If you have a shopping cart, you should look to simplify the shopping cart experience this year. Users are becoming more and more impatient, especially in the mobile world, and enticing users to purchase products needs to be easy and efficient.  The key will be to reduce the number of steps a user must take to complete the checkout process, and also incorporate quick payment techniques such as Paypal One-Checkout and Apple Pay.

Another important key will be to show the user how far into the checkout process they are.  If there are 4 steps, tell them - and make it clear they are nearly finished.

In with the old, out with the new

It seems that the fashion world is bringing back the old style clothes we used to wear in the 80’s.  Whilst it won’t quite be like that with website design, it does seem that a more casual design approach is being taken.  Websites will veer away from the classic column approach provided by a web grid.  Menu’s will start to find themselves in new places, such as in the lower left corner, or flying out from the bottom. 

Organic shapes, florals and more fluid shapes are likely to find their way back into the design world also.

Go large, and go bold - strong colours and big fonts

The year 2020 will see big fonts hitting the scene.  Larger fonts make designs bolder, and can make body text feel easier to read.  With the advancement of mobile, tablet and desktop screens, it’s likely we’ll also see much bolder colour choices - with higher resolution images and vectors making a strong appearance.

Content will change depending on the user

Content is likely to become more dynamic, changing depending on how the user behaves on the website. User experiences will become more unique, depending on where you are from, how old you are, what gender you are and what interests you. 

Animations and Videos will bring life to the designs

HTML5 and CSS3 have opened the door to elegant, effective animations.  Coupling that with SVG imagery, and you’ve got yourself an attractive website design.  Video also will be more widely used, as the introduction of 5G enters the mobile world.

 Breaking the mould and thinking outside the box

The key to a good website design will be the uniqueness of the site.  With so many websites out there these days, websites will need to stand out from the crowd and push the boundaries of what is possible.  Usual grid structures will make way for much more dynamic and fluid layouts.  Page transitions will be more popular, and high speed internet will bring more detailed, visually stunning designs.

A freelance website designer must get the right balance between optimising their website for users and making it look and feel great!

Russ Clow

Freelance Website Designer & Developer


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