Andrew Lloyd Webber's Starlight Express reimagined

Starlight Express header in Mac
Wordpress / Single Page / UI / UX

futuristic stage show's website goes to the future

Whilst freelancing with Wholegrain Digital I was privileged to work on the redesign of Andrew Lloyd Webber's, Starlight Express. This futuristic stage show is one of the longest running in history, and there was an immediate requirement to redesign the website into something eye-catching and informative.
Full screengrab of Andrew Lloyd Webber website

single page design does it all

Because of the huge success of the show, there was no need to create a large content driven website with multiple pages. Instead, I opted for a single page, Wordpress powered website to convey all the information needed. The unique brand was already well established, so I built around that styling to generate enthusiasm for the show.
3rd image for Starlight Express

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