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dating with a bold, eye catching colour palette

With online dating becoming a multi-million pound industry, it's no wonder that the NY Team behind Friends of Friends contacted me. The request was to design and develop a new take to online dating coupling social media with complex algorithms to create a truly unique experience. Users can set their likes and dislikes manually, or integrate directly with their Facebook, Linked-in or Google+ accounts. A detailed search system allows users to home in on their exact matches, including searching for people with specific education, diet's, professions or body types. Users can also search for matches within particular age criteria, or even on whether the person drinks, smokes or wants kids!
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unique coding makes it easy to match-make

I developed a custom match-making algorithm to make matching and dating easy. A cupid-style drag-and-drop feature allowed users to drag friends into a heart to see how good a match they are to other friends. Users could then become a matchmaker and suggest their friends meet. This was all linked neatly into their existing social network to save time and create brand confidence.
Matchmaker screenshot in device

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