Counting down to the eurovision in style

Eurovision main page in mac
Web / Design / Dev

rethinking how users interact

The Eurovision Song Contest is a widely known, televised competition. The creators of the show approached me to request a redesign of their current count-down site, looking specifically for a visually stunning approach and to rethink how users interact with the site. I designed a concept that incorporated a unique left/right navigation timeline with a drag / swipe feature, whilst closely following the brand guidelines.
Eurovision Song Contest homepage screen grab

mobile link-up allows for elegant site navigation

With just a few clicks, the user can seamlessly link their mobile device to the navigation of the site, allowing them to simply touch-swipe left/right to move the timeline across on their desktop screen. This stylish approach to site navigation allowed for a much smoother and more immersive experience.
Remote control of website via mobile device

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